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Trubodys™ Makeup Brush Cleaner

Trubodys™ Makeup Brush Cleaner

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Say Goodbye to Icky Makeup Brushes!

Are you tired of cleaning dirty makeup brushes and applicators the old-fashioned way? This Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner will put things on easy mode!

It deeply cleans all your makeup brushes and make them good as new in no time. 

Just fill it with your choice of cleaning solution, press the button, and it'll take care of the rest.


All-in-One Cleaner – The wide spout of our Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner lets you clean applicators of all sizes. Just put everything in and get the job done fast!

Simple One-Touch Operation – The user-friendly design lets you do everything with a press of a button. It's so easy to use you won't even need instructions to do it! 

Compact and Portable – Our Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner is light and compact so you can easily take it anywhere! It's also rechargeable so no need for battery changes.

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