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The Royal Crown Set™

The Royal Crown Set™

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This summer on the beach like a king!

Many men know the problem, you want to feel like a king but something is missing. Also, you don't want to spend all your earned money on an expensive bracelet. 

100% Waterproof

That is why we developed the Royal Crown Set™ bracelets.  They are made of first-class quality material. This is so that they never fadedon't tarnish and don't lose their colour.

✅ 3-piece set consists of a Crown bracelet, Braided cuff & a Roman Bangle
✅ Adjustable bracelets so that it is possible to wear it by almost everyone
✅ Handmade of high quality first class 18k stainless steel

It is time to become a real king

The Royal Crown is the most coveted piece of jewellery at the moment. You can finally experience that feeling of confidence and being seen that we all need. Take the Royal Crown everywhere with you, to a date, the beach, a festival, just you and your new "best friend".


  • 3-piece set (of which 2 parts free) consists of Crown bracelet, braided cuff & roman bangle
  • Made of 18k stainless steel
  • The roman bangle has a diameter of ~19cm

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